Our story begins 20 million years ago, in South East Queensland.

With an assorted range of environmentally-sustainable solutions for human wellbeing, animal health and agriculture, our 100% natural and organic products are derived from the notion of wholesome living–to enhance the lifestyles for us all.

chalkmine australia


Born in the far off hills of Queensland, Australia, our story begins 20 million years ago, when an ancient volcano erupted, unleashing an incredible natural phenomenon. Hot lava flowed into a freshwater lake dehydrating the water and the algae that lived within it. In that moment, a chain reaction began, starting the formation of unique nutrient rich minerals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

We continue to identify opportunities in sourcing rock materials with unique characteristics that are linked to better agricultural outcomes. We also recognise that in this era of water shortage and increasing awareness of chemical pollution in the  agriculture industry - Palagonite, Absorbacide and Molodri offers unique, environmentally sustainable solutions to a diverse range of problems.