Features of Absorbacide®

  • Controls all important insect pests in stored grain including beetles, borers, moths and weevils.

  • Provides complete protection for 12 months or longer in normal non-ventilated storage facilities. Sealed storage facilities are not required.

  • Can be used on all cereal grains, rice, maize, sorghum, pulses and other food commodities.

  • For pre-harvest disinfestation of harvesting, grain handling equipment and storages.

  • For total grain treatment or as a protective barrier against insect infestation in storages.

  • Absorbacide® is approved for use by one of the largest organic growers associations, the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA).

  • It is unaffected by major changes in temperature.

Benefits of Absorbacide®

  • Environmentally Safe
    Absorbacide® is a natural, harmless, non-toxic product.

  • No Chemical Residues
    Treated commodities remain chemical and residue free and there is no withholding period. This is an important issue for organic growers, exporters, and other produces of residue free food products.

  • Superior Cost/Performance
    Absorbacide® provides long term protection, cost is comparable to chemical treatments and Absorbacide® will not degrade like chemicals.

  • Broad Spectrum of Activity
    Absorbacide® is effective against all grain insect pests including those resistant to chemical insecticides.

  • Versatility in Application
    Absorbacide® can be applied as a dust or with water and sprayed as a grain treatment or for disinfestation.

Confirmation of Effectiveness

Both the CSIRO and the Queensland DPI have confirmed the effectiveness of Absorbacide® as a physical insecticide. Many grain growers have adopted Absorbacide® for structural treatment of their handling, transport and storage facilities and/or grain protection. The AVPMA has approved Absorbacide® as a dust insecticide that controls insect pests in farm stored feed grain.