What is Diatomite Fines?

All-purpose natural diatomite for applications in Agriculture, the Building Industry and the Manufacturing Industry.

Diatomite Fines (<0.6mm) is a natural diatomaceous earth that has been heated to 200 degrees celsius to drive off all moisture and harden the product without altering the amorphous character of the siliceous diatoms. It has been screened down to a very small particle size.



In the Building/Manufacturing Industry

  • Fine diatomite can be used as a filler, particularly where a light-weight inert filler is required.

  • It is frequently added to paints, varnishes, lacquers, paper, insecticides, plastics asphalt, fertilizers, welding rods, printing inks, sealing compounds, explosives and matches.

  • The low thermal conductivity of diatomite makes it one of the best insulators over a wide range of temperatures. It is also used as a mild abrasive.

  • As a powder, paste or suspension, it is employed in metal and car finish polishes, toothpastes, powders, soaps, scouring compounds and match heads.

  • Diatomite is used in the manufacture of alkaline earth silicates and is also important in the making of pigments, ceramic glazes and as a pozzolanic component in concrete

  • An important use of diatomite is as a support or carrier for catalysts, as a promoter of reactions, in emulsion breaking, in settling out processes, and in foundry operations.

In Agriculture

  • Diatomite has a growing use in agriculture. For a long time it has been used as an addition to ammonium nitrate fertilizers to prevent caking and ensure even spreading.

  • It is important as a carrier for other agricultural products, particularly fertilizers.

  • As an all-purpose physical insecticide.

  • In combination with fungal and bacterial pathogens as an insecticide.

  • Enhances beneficial fungal activity when blended.

  • As a seed coating to enhance seed survival and provide silica.

  • As a lick block component to provide dietary silica.

  • To supply “Plant Available Silica” to depleted soils.

  • Our diatomite fines is the perfect product for stock feed supplementation. This food grade product has been used for many years by the poultry industry.

In Animal Health

  • Diatomite fines has also had a long and successful history of use with cattle, sheep, goats and alpacas as well as cats and dogs.

  • Anecdotal evidence and empirical observations indicate that a dosage rate of around 2% by weight of the feed ration given over a period of 1 to 2 weeks at a time can have a significant beneficial effect on parasitic load and animal nutrition.

Effects on Machinery:

Trials carried out by the Western Australian Department of Agriculture concluded that amorphous silica products would not adversely affect the normal working of machinery.

Constraints on Products Use:

As the insecticide activity of the product lies in its drying properties, very high humidity can reduce the effectiveness of Diatomite Fines.

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