What is Molodri®?

Molodri® is a blend of liquid molasses and diatomite (approx. 50% molasses by weight) carefully formulated in a special process which converts the molasses to a dry powder form for convenience.

It is used as a feed attractant and appetite stimulant for cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry. You will never want to use liquid molasses again.

The diatomite used in the mix is from a sedimentary rock made up primarily of amorphous silica, not crystalline silica. Molodri® is approximately 1.7 times the volume of liquid molasses, which allows for easier mixing and a more even distribution of the product throughout the completed mix. 



Major Benefits

  • Maximises feed intake in prepared feeds

  • Economical and cost effective

  • Convenient – no mess

  • Improved palatability with poor quality feed (moist grain, cotton seed, etc)

  • Masks unpalatable feed ingredients (pre-mixes, urea, etc)

  • Increased feed stimulation for fussy eaters when changing rations

  • May help in dealing with intestinal parasites


Molodri® should never be stored in direct sunlight. A cool, dry and dark place is most suitable.



Molodri® is so safe to use and so palatable to animals that a number of manufacturers of animal feeds and supplements routinely add it to their products to enhance its attractiveness to the target animal group. Don’t hesitate to call us if you wish to discuss its incorporation into your product.


Molodri® comes in 40 litre (25kg) poly woven bags. Molodri® is sold in minimum one pallet quantities with 48 bags per pallet and has a guaranteed minimum weight of 1.2 tonnes.


Add Molodri® as powder to feeds by volume at 2% to 10% depending on individual circumstances.

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