Palagonite is a naturally occurring premium soil conditioner that rapidly remineralises nutrient depleted soils. It is particularly valuable for a range of applications in agriculture and animal nutrition.

Farmers and gardeners like it because it is easy to spread, does not create hazardous dust plumes and blends well with composted manures.

“The nutrients in Palagonite are readily bio-available” Confirmed by Southern Cross University.

Guy Lewington   Honours degree in Geology, and Diplomas in Mineral Economics and Organic Agriculture. He is also a member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Guy Lewington
Honours degree in Geology, and Diplomas in Mineral Economics and Organic Agriculture. He is also a member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

A Natural Phenomenon is Born!

Palagonite is a volcanic mineral substance that was created by a rare and unique event, in which hot basalt lava flowed into a freshwater lake at the Chalkmine quarry site, south of Gatton in Queensland, around 20 million years ago.

The process of palagonisation began as the molten lava was quenched, forming a rind or coating of volcanic glass, that over time has devitrified from glass into a sandy yellow-brown palagonite material occurring around our altered basalt gravels. This unique material is largely amorphous (non- crystalline) containing a rich and well-balanced suite of bio-available mineral nutrients – Palagonite is not crushed rock dust!

Globally we are seeing the disastrous effects of our extractive and unsustainable agricultural system on the planet’s environment. A large percentage of our food-growing soils are now mineral depleted, over-farmed and mismanaged. It is no understatement that without healthy functioning soils, society, as we know it would collapse. In fact, many historians have tracked the rise and fall of civilisations alongside the curve of soil health. Simply put, it is the basis for our existence. Compaction, erosion, chemical residuals, mineral nutrient depletion and a damaged soil microbiome are all issues that Palagonite can ameliorate at a low cost compared to other methods.


Soil re-mineralisation with Palagonite is the key to achieving a regenerative and sustainable agricultural industry. Adequately mineralised soils not only promote better animal and human health, by growing more nutrient dense food, but also provide the basis of health in the greater ecosystem. Plants, animals and soil microbes all rely upon a balanced, and sufficient soil mineral content to function effectively and form the beneficial relationships that are the basis for healthy soil and optimal plant growth. Palagonite is a source of bio-available silicon, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorous, potassium and contains all of the essential trace elements like copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt, nickel and chromium.

In fact Palagonite contains all 22 nutrients now considered essential for optimal plant growth. Only Nitrogen, Sulphur and Boron are particularly low, and along with phosphorous and potassium, can be increased to sufficient quantities when blended with organic materials like composted manures. The largely amorphous structure of the Palagonite means these nutrients are far more plant available than the nutrients in crushed crystalline basalt or granite rock sources which also contain respirable crystalline silica, a serious health hazard if inhaled. Palagonite is rich and comprehensive suite of essential nutrients makes it the perfect base product for individual crop nutrition programs.


Nutrient Density of Food

Since the 1940’s, there has been a steady decline in the essential mineral nutrient content of food crops and meat. Extractive farming methods using soluble chemical fertilisers, mainly supplying only NPK, are the direct cause of this major problem. Over time the reserves of essential mineral nutrients in the soil have been used up and not replaced, If the essential mineral nutrients in the soil are absent, locked up, or seriously depleted, they are also absent, or low, in meat and produce sourced from the depleted soil.

This has led to the widespread rise of health issues, caused by nutrient mineral deficiencies in the food we consume. It is no coincidence, that in order to achieve and maintain optimal health, animals, and humans need adequate supplies of the same 22 essential mineral nutrients that plants require for optimal growth and nutrient density.

It is now well recognised that remineralisation of the soil is the fundamental key to restoring the nutrient density of the food we consume, and restoring nutrient density to the food we consume is the essential key to improving the health of the population.

Palagonite is easily the most cost effective, and effective, soil remineralising product.  

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